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Let’s SAVE our beloved country and our precious Constitutional Republic before it’s too late!

Let’s reclaim our God-given FREEDOM!

Let’s buck the Republican Party “LINE” and retire RINO incumbent Chris Smith after 42 years and 21 terms in office!

Let’s send DAVID BURG to Congress to represent NJ’s 4th Congressional District!


I’m running for Congress against Chris Smith in the June 2022 Republican primary.

I’m NOT a politician. I’m a political outsider.

I’m running to FIGHT for the survival of our beloved country!

Our precious Constitutional Republic is under attack from the radical Left as never before. The 2022 election could be our last off-ramp before true calamity. Chris Smith doesn’t get it. He’s roamed the DC swamp for too many decades. Smith’s most recent betrayal: He was one of the 13 misguided House Republicans who voted to rescue Biden’s woke “infrastructure” bill!

David Burg at CPAC