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The following pieces address some of today’s most pressing challenges in particularly insightful and helpful ways. I believe their authors and publishers would like them disseminated in this manner; if that is incorrect, I would honor any written request to remove them. I don’t mean to imply any endorsement of my candidacy.

The Way Out by Larry P. Arnn (11/18/21) | View Resource

Third Worldizing America by Victor Davis Hanson (12/2/21) | View Resource

The (Crappy) Year We Just Lived Through by Dennis Prager (12/28/21) | View Resource

The Ungracious – and Their Demonization of the Past by Victor Davis Hanson (12/30/21) | View Resource

Biden Could Construct a New World Order Through Détente with Russia by Efraim Inbar (1/18/22) | View Resource

Go Bold, GOP: 10 Commandments Worth Running On in Midterm Elections by Victor Davis Hanson (1/21/22) | View Resource

Child Custody’s Gender Gauntlet by Abigail Shrier (2/7/22) | View Resource

How America is helping Iran get a nuclear arsenal by Melanie Phillips (2/10/22) | View Resource

Biden’s Inexplicable Victory by Patrick Basham (10/21) | View Resource

Authoritarian Science and the Case of Hydroxychloroquine by Connor Harris (2/11/22) | View Resource

How Big Tech is Strangling Your Freedom by Bari Weiss (3/29/22) | View Resource