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Evidence of Blatant Lawlessness

For Immediate Release
Contact: Eden Gordon — [email protected]
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Burg for Congress Statement: Evidence of Blatant Lawlessness

(Howell, New Jersey) FRIDAY, JANUARY 28, 2022 – David Burg, Republican Candidate for Congress in New Jersey’s 4th Congressional District, issued the following statement in regards to the newly exposed video from the Westchester County Airport.

David Burg said: “This newly exposed video depicting federal contractors surreptitiously dumping dozens of illegal immigrants at the Westchester County Airport evidences blatant lawlessness by the Biden Administration.  Why would our own federal government intentionally open our border to millions of unknown people from all over the world – who are smuggled here by notorious criminal gangs along with toxic drugs that are killing thousands of Americans and sex-trafficked children – and then secretly disburse these people throughout the country under dark of night? 

The answer is as obvious as it is sad:  These Democrat charlatans are deliberately doing grievous harm to our country – by violating the very laws they swore to uphold – solely for their own perceived political gain.  In other words, to maintain their power and control.

Every federal official involved in running this illicit scheme – from our feckless Secretary of Homeland Security on down – is aiding and abetting a criminal enterprise and should be prosecuted.  I call on the Department of Justice to prioritize law enforcement over politics.  It should start right here.”