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David Burg Suspends His Congressional Campaign and Endorses Mike Blasi

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David Burg for Congress Statement
David Burg Suspends His Congressional Campaign and Endorses Mike Blasi (Howell, New Jersey) MONDAY, APRIL 4, 2022 — David Burg, Republican Candidate for Congress in New Jersey’s 4th  District, announced yesterday that he has suspended his campaign and is endorsing fellow primary challenger Mike Blasi to unseat incumbent Chris Smith.

“It has been a tremendous privilege and one of the most meaningful experiences of my life to run for Congress.  Because of the incredible generosity of my supporters I’ve had the opportunity to articulate my views about the perilous future of our country far and wide, and to fight as hard as I can to preserve and protect our sacred Constitutional Republic.

But this campaign has never been about me.  From the outset, it’s been about our country, our culture, our faith, and our families. 

Mike Blasi is a fellow Republican who preceded me in this race and now is in a stronger position to unseat our 42-year incumbent.  Like myself, Mike is a political outsider who is not beholden to anyone or anything other than his principles.  He’s a good man who has served our country, he’s a family man, and Mike and I see eye-to-eye on all significant issues. 

Under these circumstances, the last thing I would want to do is stand in Mike’s way.  So it’s my honor to wholeheartedly endorse Mike Blasi to be our next Congressman from New Jersey’s 4th District.  I intend to do everything I can to help Mike win this critically important primary on June 7.

Running for Congress also has opened my eyes to the astonishingly corrupt political system in this state.  I find it shocking and wholly unacceptable that a small cabal of entrenched insiders determines whom the Republican Party will endorse for political office – which these operatives then publish on the very ballot through which we exercise our right to vote. 

Given this mutual back-scratching racket it’s hardly surprising that a RINO swamp creature like Chris Smith has held our Congressional seat for 42 years!

So, in addition to doing everything I can for Mike Blasi, I intend to use my legal skills to help abolish New Jersey’s corrupt line-voting system.  It’s time to empower ordinary New Jersians to express their own preferences for the candidates who best represent their Republican values – without undue influence by entrenched insiders.

Two other extremely important points for those of you in the NJ area: 

First, a truly courageous patriot who has become a dear friend through my Congressional campaign, Elizabeth Nader, is organizing what promises to be an incredibly informative and inspiring event on April 28 entitled ‘A Seat At The Table.’  There will be a number of nationally-prominent conservative luminaries there and I strongly encourage all of you to attend.  You can learn about and register for this very important event here:

Second, another courageous patriot and prominent conservative talk-show host on NJ 101.5, Bill Spadea, and others recently launched a critically-important grassroots conservative organization in New Jersey, the Common Sense Club.  The Common Sense Club is growing rapidly and is positioned to affect important and deeply impactful change in our great state.  I’m a member and I strongly encourage each of you to join here:

I’m so gratified to have had this opportunity to run for Congress.  Thanks to all of you from the bottom of my heart, and please know that this has been just the start of my ongoing fight to defend our beloved country from the leftist abyss.

God Bless America.”