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(Howell, New Jersey) SUNDAY, MARCH 27, 2022 — David Burg, Republican Candidate for Congress in New Jersey’s 4th  District, issued the following statement about this week’s Senate Hearings: SCOTUS nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson is bright, personable, and comes from an admirable family. But she is a devoted Leftist.  Not a liberal; a hard-core Leftist. Try as she might to hide this reality it was revealed in several statements Judge Jackson made during the recent Senate hearing.

First and foremost Judge Jackson refused to define a “woman.”  This was not surprising – and it’s hardly because she is not a biologist. 

Rather it’s because Judge Jackson knew that if she offered a biologist’s definition she would have been excoriated by the same hard left faction that demanded her nomination.

But she also knew that if she honestly expressed her own woke definition – i.e., any human who wants to be a woman – Judge Jackson’s political identity would have been revealed to the American people, the vast majority of whom don’t share her hard-left values.

So Judge Jackson demurred.  But her cowardly silence spoke volumes about why Demand Justice noisily demanded – and received – her nomination.

Judge Jackson’s leftist views also were revealed in her refusal to acknowledge that age-moderated lessons derived from Critical Race Theory are taught in our schools – including the “progressive” private school at which she sits on the board – and her refusal to disdain the leftist court-packing scheme.  These dodges resulted from the same political dilemma she faced with the gender issue.

No one expected Joe Biden to nominate a conservative. 

But his nomination of a hard-core Leftist demonstrates who is running this administration.

David Burg, Republican Candidate for Congress in New Jersey’s 4th  District continues his campaign and media tour as a featured guest and candidate spotlight on local New Jersey shows, CPAC’s media row, and upcoming campaign events in the district.